McDonald’s Packaging Makeover

Opinion Piece

It seemed only yesteryear since McDonald’s embraced a minimalist makeover in their branding and packaging outlook, phasing their bags, cups, and boxes into the ’less-is-more’ territory and adopting a more refined, fashionable, type-driven design.  (Shout out to Helvetica, the typeface that refuses to go away!)


But now nearly 5 years on, McDonald’s decided to look at their global packaging once again, but this time inject a little fun into their offer.  Thankfully ‘fun’ doesn’t come at the price of a Ronald McDonald revival, but more in the form of a bold and playful amplification of the hero ingredients from the McDonald’s iconic menu.

The simple and considered illustrations find the perfect balance between playful and modernity for the brand, offering personality and ease in the noisy fast-food category. This results in a minimal and joyful delivery with the fresh and feel-good design, reflecting the brand’s use of fresh ingredients. McDonald’s isn’t the only Burger and Fries giant to show off a new look with a similar approach this year. Fast food foes Burger King have just gone through their own whopper rebrand, embracing the power of nostalgia to enrich a classic outlook.

Both have approached the task somewhat similarly in showcasing their interpretation of playful ingredient illustrations and giving the packaging a colourful personality.  It certainly makes the case that there is a hunger for happy and fun, feel-good design within fast food packaging and brand communications to help reinforce a positive purchase decision for customers to make them feel good about their food.

Say all you want about the flaws of fast food, but as far as the branding and packaging design goes, we’re lovin’ it.

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