What we do

Elevating Awareness & Desirability

We are Mynt. An international, independent creative agency, working with brands across four broad creative marketing areas. We un-earth the core truth of a brand and amplify its story to audiences across all channels. Our collaborative approach with our clients drives out big brand ideas and by using data and real-time insights, we identify other areas for your brand to connect with customers – even down to a personal, localised level. Ultimately we elevate the awareness and desirability of the brands we work with, turning your customers into true brand fans.

Brand Strategy

Defining a brand’s authenticity and originality is about unearthing its core.
We de-construct and re-build your brand to deliver clarity across all marketing touchpoints; amplifying your unique ownable space with communications that resonate with new and existing customers.

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Advertising Campaigns

We are great storytellers, understanding the power of intelligent brand communication. It’s about the art of conversation & persuasion; building longterm and meaningful relationships everywhere.

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Content Creation

We work with brands to create engaging, clickable content suitable for all platforms and channels. From photography and illustration to film and animation, we produce compelling assets and stories for online and offline campaigns via our in-house studio.

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Physical Experiences

Retail environments and branded spaces deliver what can’t be experienced online. Physical spaces provide the opportunity for deeper brand engagement and the human touch. We design memorable retail consumer journeys that drive brand recall, repeat visits and more transactions.

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