Global Brand Repositioning

Redefining a category originator with emotion and clarity.

The Backstory

Back in 1977, activity trackers probably just meant you measured your route on a map and recorded it in a notebook (with a pen). But over in Finland, a group of very clever and active people decided that you could monitor and record your individual fitness levels by listening to your body. So, before Fitbit had even got out of bed, Polar were cross-country skiing, running on snow and scaling the mountains whilst generally being visionary and very active in their cool, Scandinavian way…

Unmistakably Original

Our global research with key stakeholders un-earthed that Polar developed the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor, and no one else can claim that territory. We took the stance of acknowledging Polar are the originators and instigators of this category, so let’s stop being humble and only referencing the science and product tech in our marketing communications. Let’s be bold and evoke emotions by reminding everyone that we were first to do what other brands are now following.

To shift brand perceptions, we gave Polar a new focus – ‘originality’, and a built new creative platform “Pioneer of Wearable Sports Technology”, which all outward facing communications and experiences revert back to. The first visual expression of this new creative direction was a series of beautifully crafted brand films where our #DiscoverYourFirsts campaign comes to life and resonates with both existing customers but also a new audience too…


Redesigning the brand’s digital assets, packaging, retail concepts and trade shows followed, getting the brand back to be front of mind to everyone, everywhere.

Campaign Stats

Facebook fans increased from 89k to over 500k in the year of the brand’s repositioning.

The brand relaunch year was Polar’s most
profitable year ever.

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