Goodwood FOS

Designing, manufacturing and installing Sytner’s ‘Supercar Lounge’ at the Goodwood Festival of Speed show.

The UKs leading retailer of prestige cars and the largest overall automotive retailer in Europe, the Sytner Group, appointed Mynt to create their Supercar Lounge at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed show.

Our design concept utilises both the internal and exterior spaces with full affect, creating pockets of intrigue and interaction throughout the brand’s 225 square meters footprint.

Exterior LED screens were installed to keep visitors up-to-date with the schedule of celebrity guests and DJs working on Sytner’s booth, whilst also sharing news on the festival in general.

The interior, resplendent in its multifaceted allure, offers an array of spaces designed to both enlighten and captivate our visitors.

The Q&A staging area, strategically situated at the forefront of the lounge, serves as an ideal setting for acquiring profound insights into Sytner’s latest news and updates, presented by an hand-picked cadre of distinguished speakers and esteemed guests.

A thrilling, competitive racing simulator experience, which allows visitors to virtually speed along the illustrious Goodwood racing track, fosters a spirited atmosphere of robust rivalry, where triumphant champions are rewarded with an array of exclusive prizes.

When the relentless heat of the elements becomes oppressive, our sophisticated bar beckons as an exquisite haven, inviting respite and rejuvenation.

For those discerning individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the Sytner Group and its expansive array of vehicular offerings, our leisurely seating areas and adjacent Digital Showroom emerge as a haven, where automotive enthusiasts can congregate, perusing with utmost delight the latest and forthcoming collections of distinction.

The space has been meticulously crafted to facilitate versatile and readily modifiable arrangements, contingent upon the evolving nature of the exhibition and the specific areas of visitor interest.

Our design aesthetic has been thoughtfully curated, incorporating opulent finishes such as sumptuous carpets, polished marbles, and herringbone wooden floors, all carefully chosen to replicate the elevated sensation of entering and savouring the atmosphere akin to a luxurious first-class lounge.

The inclusion of comfortable seating, bathed in gentle ambient lighting, serves to cultivate a serene ambiance, affording our lounge guests a tranquil sanctuary in which to unwind and relax.

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