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Gibson Garage London


Guitar brand, Gibson’s first flagship store outside the US, situated just off London’s Oxford Street on Eastcastle Street, is a significant addition to the city’s retail and music landscape.

Dubbed the Gibson Garage London, this 4,500 square foot space is not merely a store but a comprehensive experience for music lovers, blending retail with immersive brand engagement.

This location was chosen for its proximity to Denmark Street, known for its recording studios and music producers, as well as the 100 Club, an iconic venue with a rich musical heritage.

The store offers an extensive range of more than 300 electric and acoustic guitars, alongside the entire collection of Maestro pedals, inviting visitors to not only browse but engage directly with the instruments.

One of the unique features of the Gibson Garage London is the opportunity for customers to design their own Made-to-Measure guitars within the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab, highlighting the personalised experience Gibson aims to provide.

Adding to the exclusivity, the store houses a secret VIP bar, cleverly concealed behind a door within a phone box, offering a distinctive touch to the shopping experience!

From a design and experience standpoint, the Gibson Garage London incorporates several elements that elevate it beyond traditional retail spaces.

The store features a state-of-the-art stage on the lower level for weekly live music events, artist showcases, and panel discussions, which not only promotes community engagement but also positions the store as a hub for music culture in London.

The Gibson Gallery, which will update its exhibits twice a year, is another testament to this, with its first exhibition showcasing the work of legendary rock ‘n’ roll photographer Gered Mankowitz.  This emphasis on culture and community, along with opportunities for live recordings for the acclaimed Gibson TV series, underscores Gibson’s intent to create a “must-see” destination that celebrates music history and fosters a sense of belonging among visitors.

Overall, the Gibson Garage London represents a significant advancement in retail design and customer experience within the music industry.

Its strategic location, combined with its focus on interactive and immersive elements, sets a new standard for how music brands can engage with their audience.

By creating a space that goes beyond mere transactions to celebrate the culture and community of music, Gibson has crafted an environment that resonates with both musicians and music enthusiasts alike, promising to have a lasting impact on London’s music scene and its retail landscape.

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