Mynt’s new font


We’ve installed a new font.

No, not a typeface.

An actual holy water font.

Hear us out…

Back in 2014 when we bought the church to move into, we didn’t realise what was beneath the foundations.

Upon clearing out the cellar, we could hear the gentle and soothing babble of running water…

One unremarkable Thursday afternoon soon became rather remarkable  as our team stumbled across a  dusty old manuscript in the depths of an old unit we inherited during the church purchase…

The parchment, brittle with age, contained detailed drawings and inscriptions that spoke of a holy stream flowing silently beneath the foundation of the church.

According to the manuscript, this stream was once revered by local Rosminian Priests for its miraculous properties, believed to imbue those who touched its waters with unparalleled fortune and boundless creativity.

Intrigued yet somewhat skeptical by our findings, we employed a local archeologist, historian and even a water diviner – who, after several days of painstaking research and exploration, confirmed the existence of the stream.

Over the years, as we’ve continued to redevelop the church, we have crafted our design studio around the natural wonder which once lay hidden away.

Finally, thanks to the help of a nearby stone mason, we have crafted a unique font to stand proud at the entrance of our church studio.

The font, carved from sand stone quarried from the very land our city was built upon, will allow each visitor to ‘bless’ themselves – a symbolic act of seeking creative enlightenment and good fortune…

Our next step will be to distil and share our sacred water with clients, partners and friends – as we aim to navigate the unpredictableness of 2024.

Check out our bottle packaging design (which will of course be made out of recycled & sustainably sourced materials)…

If you’d like to request a bottle of sacred Fonte Creativia, or indeed would like to pop in for a creative blessing from the newly installed font, please get in touch today!

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