Hijacking the FIFA World Cup

Hijacking the FIFA World Cup to ensure Auto Trader trended socially, without being an official sponsor.

Cars for Goals

Let your mind drift back to that heady summer of world class football in Russia 2018.
The idea was simple but beautiful. We’ll let the three lions do the hard work, and every time they scored, Auto Trader would give away a brand new car… (and going on England’s past World Cup campaigns, that wasn’t going to break the bank was it?)


We made it really simple. To win a new car, all fans had to do was tweet #AutoTraderGoals every time England scored. No complicated competition entry form. No need to tag friends and uploaded cheesy video content. Like Gareth Southgate’s game plan, let’s keep it simple, lads!

Fast forward to the most successful and biggest brand promotion to-date, raising brand awareness (and the blood pressure of Auto Trader’s Finance Director, who became a Columbia fan) creating real match day excitement at every game, whilst achieving a top ten trending # during every England game.

Simply Disruptive

This disruptive social media campaign went on to win ‘Most Effective Social Campaign’ at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, and ‘Best Use of Paid Social’ at the UK Social Media Communications Awards.

Almost as good as ’66 wasn’t it?

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